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New Adobe Creative Cloud 2014
There is a new Creative Cloud update with new features for many applications within the CC suite. New price plan for photographers for Lightroom and Photoshop.
The story of us?
Take a look at what this student has produced. I like it, even if it is a little negative towards the end, It still is the truth.
From the first version of this technology to this is a huge step forward. Take a look and simply take notice...
A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia
A great example of images telling a story. Which camera and which software techniques are irrelevant. Beautiful story, beautiful images.
Rib Cage GoPro kit by BACK-BONE
This is quite amazing. An add-on to your GoPro enabling you to add customised lens configurations. If you own a GoPro like me I think you just may want one of these.
Hasselblad H5D-50c CMOS
I really love this camera, its a stunning piece of kit...
HV Hasselblad
This is probably the first new SLR that has made me want, no, need it. This is a beautiful piece of design and engineering, there is no doubt that I will own one of these.
Cinetics Axsis360
A compact, motorized tripod head and slider for dynamic video and timelapse photography.
The special effects firms transforming the industry
I urge everyone to watch this short movie on the technology that was used to create the film Gravity. I knew it had a huge amount of CGI but the numbers quoted here are way beyond what I imagined.
Artist Creates Patterns in the Snow by Walking All Day
An artist named Simon Beck has been making stunningly intricate crop circle-esque patterns in the snowy valley of Savoie, France.
Possible world record big wave ride.
A UK surfer just might have ridden the biggest wave ever.
Stunning GoPro Superbowl Ad
New footage of the Felix Baumgartner space jump last year in this new Super Bowl 2014 GoPro AD. When the music starts the perspective is simply amazing... Only with a GoPro.
360 Degree Camera Ball
Again, Probably a configuration of technology which has no real application but this is just a little bit cool...
Raw processing on Android devices with Photo Mate R2
With Photo Mate R2 an Android App is available that can deal with most common Raw formats, check it out here...
Adobe poised to release Lightroom for mobile devices
Adobe Systems revealed on its Web site a subscription plan for a mobile version of the software for editing and cataloging photos. Check it out here...
Worlds Fastest Internet
The "fastest ever" broadband speeds have been achieved in a test in London, raising hopes of more efficient data transfer via existing infrastructure.
GoPro 4 - Rumour
I know this is not official information but if this turns out to be even nearly true... I Can't wait...
Wyoming Wildscapes
This is a stunning piece of time-lapse photography by Nicolaus Wegner, shot with a canon 1dsm3 and 5dm2. Check it out here...
An Old Classic for the Modern Camera
Stunning reinvention of the legendary Petzval Lens, which was first conceived of in Vienna, Austria, in 1840. Compatible with all Canon EF and Nikon F mount analogue and digital cameras.
Michron Timelapse
Micron makes timelapses easy for any skill-level. The device plugs into your camera and syncs to a native app, check it out here...
Nikon D4s on the Horizon
The D4S will offer advances over the Nikon D4 HD-SLR camera, including enhanced image quality enabled with adoption of a new image-processing engine.
Polaroid C3
The ability to attach several of them to a bike or surfboard and capture different angles at the same time would be very useful - or at the very least, a lot of fun.
Carl Warner Photography
Using food, people and other everyday objects, Carl Warner makes some stunningly creative images...check some of them out here!
Olloclip 3-In-1 Photo Lens
Really simple and fun...these pocketable iPhone accessories just slide on the corner and allow three lens options: wide-angle, fisheye, and macro.
Google to produce a Robot Mule...for the US MARINES
Google is now the company behind Legged Squad Support System, a robotic mule built for the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Bath Water Touchscreen Video Game
The Aquatop Display projects an image onto a water-filled bath. Hand movements are detected by a Microsoft Kinect camera. The data collected is then translated into instructions that control the game.
Naturally interactive video calls
Researchers at Microsoft and the owner of Skype are working on a "magic window", where interactions are more natural than ever.
The Pocket Drone
The world's first multicopter that's powerful enough to carry a high quality action camera and folds up smaller than a 7in tablet.
Samsung Bendable TV
Samsung has shown off the Bendable TV - an 85in (216cm) prototype that allows the curvature of its screen to be adjusted by remote control.
The Pebble Steel Smartwatch
The Pebble smartwatch displays notifications from Android and iOS devices, allowing you to keep your phone tucked away in your pocket.
Stellar Hasselblad
Check out the Stellar, Hasselblads' latest pocket camera offering. Based on many of the specifications offered by the Sony RX100, the Stellars' sleek design offers a choice of eye catching camera grips.
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