Why learn from Guy Gowan ?

Join now to raise the level of your image quality and begin learning an objective and refreshing approach to image processing and manipulation. Take control of your images with the most efficient, intuitive and systematic techniques available.

For just €132 you can achieve this, with a 10% renewal discount each year (for the first 5 years).


Guy is widely recognised as a Photoshop and Retouching expert. He has been manipulating images since the first digital scanning devices were developed having developed his meticulous attention to detail in image quality in the dark rooms of old. Guy regularly delivers his own seminars, whilst been invited by industry leaders to speak at many others in addition to offering his services in a consultancy role worldwide. It is through this experience that he can truly be regarded as a leading expert in his field.


Guy’s solutions are used by thousands of photographers, retouchers and graphic designers alike. What many would regard as retouching, to Guy, is simply processing; a click of a button. With Guy's solutions you can significantly reduce the time you spend processing whilst achieving an equally significant rise in quality.
This can be applied to all of your images, not just a select few, in one action.

Weekly live webcasts & +100 Archive Webcasts

Members webcasts occur weekly and are based on anything and everything that is involved in digital imaging and image manipulation. The webcasts range from training and demonstration of various techniques to members Q&A sessions whilst also been utilised to supplement tutorials to demonstrate and teach the finer points of the processes and techniques that Guy develops.

+100 Video tutorials

In Guy’s tutorials, he teaches you how to use his solutions and how to create your own solutions allowing you to develop your own horizons of image quality. This gives you greater freedom over how you want your images to look, decreasing your reliance on the end product of a generic software tool. In addition, there are webcasts on a myriad of topics; from how to use latest software/hardware to tutorials on a range of techniques that will give you the edge you need to create the perfect image.


Fuse is Guys free-to-view review show featuring anything and everything from the creative world with a focus on the latest technological advances and the people who use this technology to amazing effect.

For those of us with hectic schedules, Fuse is a brilliant way to catch up on the latest goings on giving you everything you need to know in one place.

Watch the Latest episode of FUSE


Focus is another free-to-view offering Guy provides that has a ‘focus’ on more industry specific issues. Focus is based on the specifics of image manipulation, and how to achieve the best results on your images.

The show aims to dispel myths and promote truths on many areas of digital imaging; from perceptions of hardware/software to actual techniques, Guy aims to show you what he believes is the best processes and why.

Focus is a great snapshot into Guy’s methodology and into his thought process into key areas of our ever changing industry.


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